Frequently Asked Questions

Driving experiences must be booked in advance. We ask that you book online or via email or if preferred call us to arrange a day and time for your experience. Please do so well in advance, we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks notice to avoid disappointment.  Anyone arriving at the centre without a booking will not be permitted entry, even with a valid voucher.

We accept bookings for Saturdays and Sundays, with occasional availability during the week. We do not have fixed opening hours as all Driving Experiences are Strictly Pre-Book Only. Please use the Book Now button on the website or email us with your preferred day and time and we will try to accommodate your request.

No matter what weather, All drivers and any spectators wishing to ride along should wear long trousers, long-sleeved jumpers or coats and suitable walking boots with ankle support. On wet days, please bring waterproofs if you have them, a change of clothes and shoes for the trip home is recommended especially in wet weather when the ground can become very muddy! On hot days, we advise suncream, but no shorts!

A Tank driver should be 14 years of age or older on the day of the experience, Unimog, and G-Wagon Drivers can be 12 Years of age or older subject to them being taller than 5ft 2″. We do occasionally allow sensible younger drivers at our discretion.  However, This depends on the person’s height, as they do need to be able to reach the pedals! If you are unsure or would like a younger driver to take part, we recommend you call prior to purchasing a voucher or when booking to discuss your requirements.

Any spectators who wish to ride along as part of a military safari must be 9 years old or above with adult supervision.

An additional driver is welcome without charge. However, please understand that the drive time for each driver will be MUCH shorter as we will need to provide 121 tuition for the additional person within the same time frame. Unless a Military Safari has been paid for, the 2nd driver would need to wait in the safe area away from the Arena. If you would like someone else to share your driving experience,  please tell us when you book your day.

No, you will be driving off-road on our dedicated course under our expert instructors. We provide all insurance and any necessary equipment.

No experience required, we’ll teach you all you need to know and have you driving in no time! The tank is probably the easiest thing to drive, then the, Gwagons, followed by the Unimog, then the Pinzgauers!

Both our Tanks have a fully automatic ZF Gearbox and a small steering wheel. There is no need to change gears and you just push the pedal to go faster, take it off to slow down! sounds easy right!?

We have two Tanks, a 15Ton IFV and a 12Ton APC, both are Saurer SCHÜTZENPANZER  A1, a 4K 4FA-G2 and a 4K 3FA respectively. They are both highly agile, and easy to control armoured vehicles

When driving, you will always be under the guidance of one of our expert instructors.

We have both male and female toilets on site.

For your Guests to take part in the Experience and go into the Arena you must purchase a “Military Safari” this allows up-to 8 people to enjoy a thrilling off-road experience themselves as they chase you across the Battlegrounds in their own military vehicle with another member of our Team, Perfect position for photos and video of your experience. If you do not upgrade to a Military Safari, these guests are welcome to wait safely in the car park and general Safe zone, where they can take photos and videos of your arrivals and departure. Well behaved Dogs on Leads are permitted in the car park and safe area to stretch their legs, but are not permitted off lead, in the arena or as passengers in a Military Safari!

Participants should be of sound body and mind, without any significant heart, muscular or orthopaedic injuries (e.g. Bad back, Hernia, Muscle Tear, narcolepsy etc). All drivers are required to sign a waiver declaring they are physically and mentally fit enough to take part, and aware of all risks. You should speak to your GP before buying a voucher or booking if you feel there is any reason you or the recipient of the voucher might be unfit to take part. You will also need to be small enough to fit / tall enough to reach the pedals and capable of getting into and out of your chosen vehicle without assistance. If in doubt please ask!

Military Tanks, Trucks and 4×4’s only provide limited space that requires a reasonable level of mobility to enter and operate safely.  We will strive to make accommodations where we can but would encourage you to call us to discuss your individual requirements.

The instructor’s commands should be followed to the best of your ability. The instructor’s decision is final this includes the right to end your session early due to safety concerns. The driver and any accompanying persons must not be under the influence of or impaired by any substance, including alcohol, before or during the driving experience. We have a strict no refund policy if you fail to follow instructions, are reckless, are a danger to others or if you should be suspected of being under the influence.  The consumption of any substance, including alcohol, is not permitted by anyone whilst undertaking a driving experience.

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